Parking and Transportation Committee


The Venice Neighborhood Council, Parking and Transportation Committee (PTC) will evaluate existing and potential future conditions, relating to Parking and Transportation, consider stakeholders input, and propose solutions to the Board of Directors. 

Regular Meetings Times and Locations

Please see the our Calendar for posted Agenda meeting time and location, typically we meet on the first Monday of each month.


Chairs: Robert Thibodeau and Evan Corrigan

Bus Routes

Click here for bus routes. 


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Bus Routes - Draft Plan 7-6-2020

LA City Street Sweeping (Schedules)

Street Sweeping Schedule - GIS Map

Agenda Requests

The Parking and Transportation Committee conducts its business by reviewing and prioritizing agenda requests for Board action (generally either in the form of a motion or letter) or announcements submitted by stakeholders, governmental entities and other interested individuals and organizations. Parking and Transportation Committee Committee has the discretion to postpone a request, refer it to a specific committee for review and recommendation, treat it as an announcement or consider and resolve it as a non-Board administrative matter.

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Meetings (Agendas, Minutes, Documents)

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