Arts Committee


Introduction & Mission


"Empowering Artistic Vision, Forging Community Connections."


Welcome to the Venice Neighborhood Arts Committee – a catalyst for creative resurgence in the heart of Venice Beach. Amidst the dynamic landscape of artistic expression, we stand as advocates for inspiration and collaboration, dedicated to revitalizing the creative pulse that defines our beloved neighborhood.


Our mission is to promote the arts within the Venice community and the city of Los Angeles.

 We understand that a tapestry of creativity is woven by many hands, and we are committed to supporting and advancing the arts in a way that complements and enhances the broader artistic landscape.


As creators, innovators, and appreciators of art, we recognize the power it holds to transform spaces and minds alike. Our commitment extends beyond mere support – it's a dedication to crafting an environment where creativity thrives, where every brushstroke, melody, and movement reverberates with the beating heart of Venice Beach.


We invite you to become part of this movement by joining our meetings and engaging with the creative minds that shape Venice's artistic narrative. Your ideas, passion, and involvement are essential as we collectively embark on this transformative journey.


For inquiries, suggestions, or to learn more about our initiatives, please don't hesitate to reach out to the Committee Chair at:



The VNC Arts Committee convenes on the last Friday of each month, commencing at 5 PM. Please consult the calendar for precise details regarding the date, time, and venue of our gatherings.


"Together, let's paint a brighter future for the arts in Venice."



Amara Hordt, Chair

Tamie Smith

Robin Murez

Jon Kinney

Handrea Benson

Carina Martinez

Agenda Requests

The Arts Committee conducts its business by reviewing and prioritizing agenda requests for Board action (generally either in the form of a motion or letter) or announcements submitted by stakeholders, governmental entities and other interested individuals and organizations. Arts Committee Committee has the discretion to postpone a request, refer it to a specific committee for review and recommendation, treat it as an announcement or consider and resolve it as a non-Board administrative matter.

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Meetings (Agendas, Minutes, Documents)

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