Venice Community Plan Committee

Mission Statement:
The mission of the Venice Community Plan (VCP)/Local Coastal Program (LCP) Ad Hoc
Committee is for the Neighborhood Council to provide the City recommendations, on behalf
of Venice neighborhoods, in the updating of the VCP, which includes all of Venice, and the
LCP, which includes only the Coastal Zone of Venice. The committee will review documents
prepared thus far, outreach to and obtain input from the public, coordinate as necessary
with other communities, and prepare recommendations derived from these efforts to the
Venice Neighborhood Council board.

Current VCP/LCP Members:
Naomi Nightingale, PhD, Chairperson
Richard Stanger
Tima Bell
Ed Ferrer
Alix Gucovsky
Helmuth Mack
Frank Murphy
Robin Rudisill
Steve Williams


Coastal Act of 1976

Venice Land Use Plan 2001

Venice Specific Plan, 2004




Regular Meeting Times and Locations

Venice Library at 501 Venice Boulevard

Committee Members

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