Land Use & Planning Committee

VNC Land Use and Planning Committee Mission Statement

The Land Use and Planning Committee (LUPC) shall review, take public input, report on and make recommendations of actions to the Board of Officers on any land use and planning issues affecting the community. LUPC shall consist of nine (9) Stakeholders including the elected Chair. No Board Officer may serve as a LUPC member with the exception of the Land Use and Planning Committee chair, Eight (8) LUPC members shall be selected by the Board of Officers from a list of candidates who have formally communicated to the Board their desire to serve on the Land Use and Planning Committee. The Board shall, within thirty (30) days after beginning their term, hold a Board of Officers meeting for the selection of LUPC members. The eight (8) candidates with the highest vote totals shall be selected. A LUPC member may be removed from service by a majority of the full Board of Officers. Vacancies shall be filled in the same manner that committee members were originally selected. LUPC recommendations to the Board of Officers shall be in the form of a written report, which shall include a project description, pros & cons, a summary of community input, and any LUPC findings.

Current LUPC Members

Westside Community Planning Advisory Group Info

The City of Los Angeles Department of Planning is in the process of updating the Venice Community Plan and Local Coastal Program. The planning department created the Westside Community Planning Advisory Group (WCPAG) from which it is soliciting input to those updates. 

The 52-member WCPAG is composed of a diverse group of community leaders, residents, community based organizations (CBO), advocacy groups, business leaders, Neighborhood Councils, Business Improvement Districts (BIDs), youth, housing development experts, and professionals from various planning-related fields.

WCPAG is not a decision making body but will assist the planning department's Westside Community Plans Update team in evaluating initial draft community plan materials, such as new land use maps, zoning, and draft policies. These efforts will help address a wide variety of topics, including housing, tenant rights, homelessness, climate change, mobility, historic preservation and cultural resources, sustainability, and other critically important issues facing the Westside Communities.

WCPAG has held three meetings. Summaries from each meeting, along with draft policy documents and other materials, are located here:


Agenda Requests

The Land Use & Planning Committee conducts its business by reviewing and prioritizing agenda requests for Board action (generally either in the form of a motion or letter) or announcements submitted by stakeholders, governmental entities and other interested individuals and organizations. Land Use & Planning Committee Committee has the discretion to postpone a request, refer it to a specific committee for review and recommendation, treat it as an announcement or consider and resolve it as a non-Board administrative matter.

CLICK HERE to fill out an Agenda Request.

Regular Meeting Times and Locations

LUPC meetings are regularly scheduled on the first and last Thursday of each month, unless otherwise noted. Beginning April 6, 2023, LUPC meetings are returning to in-person and will be held at Oakwood Recreation Center, located at 767 California Ave., Venice, CA 90291.

For most up-to-date schedule please check the calendar on the VNC page.

Public comments for LUPC Meetings may be emailed to the entire committee at When submitting a public comment, please reference the project address and planning case number and/or agenda item number in the subject line of the email. Thank you. 

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