Preserving Public Places



The Preserving Public Places Committee shall assess the needs of historic public places in Venice and propose solutions to the VNC Board that address these interests.  The Committee invites the input of all and will act as a clearinghouse of information related to Preserving Public Places in Venice.   


Regular Meetings

The Preserving Public Places Committee meets on Zoom on the first Tuesday of each month, starting at 10AM.


Committee Members

Dominique Hirschkron, Chair

Robin Murez, Co-Chair

Sonya Reese Greenland

Betsy Goldman

Rita Obermeyer 

Agenda Requests

The Preserving Public Places conducts its business by reviewing and prioritizing agenda requests for Board action (generally either in the form of a motion or letter) or announcements submitted by stakeholders, governmental entities and other interested individuals and organizations. The Administrative Committee has the discretion to postpone an request, refer it to a specific committee for review and recommendation, treat it as an announcement or consider and resolve it as a non-Board administrative matter.

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Meetings (Agendas, Minutes, Documents)

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