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Introduction & Mission

The committee shall promote greater awareness of available City resources and services and act as a conduit between the Board and Venice neighborhoods, assisting in community outreach and bringing neighborhood issues to the attention of the Board.

About The Neighborhood Committee

Chaired by the Vice President. Using the eight (8) existing neighborhoods defined in the Venice Specific Plan plus the additional neighborhood east of Lincoln Boulevard as a guide, the Committee shall consist of, at a minimum, nine (9) Stakeholders, one (1) from each neighborhood, plus the Chair. Nine (9) Neighborhood Committee members shall be elected by the Board of Officers from a list of candidates who have formally communicated to the Board their desire to serve on the Neighborhood Committee. The Board shall, within thirty (30) days after beginning their term, hold a Board of Officers meeting for the election of Neighborhood Committee members. The candidate with the highest vote totals in each of the nine (9) districts shall be elected. Other neighborhoods and/or Stakeholders representing other neighborhoods or neighborhood interests may be added at the discretion of the Neighborhood Committee.


Chair: George Francisco
East of Lincoln: Will Kain
Silver Strand: William Boyd
Oxford Triangle: Reta Moser
Marina Peninsula: John Weston
Silver Triangle: Charles Rosin
North Venice: Christina Marquez
South Venice: Tamra Johnson
Presidents Row: Stewart Oscars
Venice Canals: Darryl Dufay
Oakwood: Isabelle Duvivier

North OFW: Noel Johnston
NoRo: Nicolas Hippisley-Coxe
Penmar: Kate Scanlon-Double

To contact the Committee click HERE


  • Today, the Neighborhood Committee took a first step towards making the city of Los Angeles aware that we need  a real Climate Change Adaptation Management Plan!

  • Daniel Osztreicher from LA World Airports made a presentation to the Neighborhood Committee on February 22nd about the all-encopassing expansion of LAX.  Informative facts and info can be found here and here.
  • Our neighbors in Mar Vista Community Council are putting on a MAIL THEFT TOWN HALL on August 25th.  CLICK HERE for more information!
  • STREET REPAIR BLITZ!  Mayor Garcetti and the Bureau of Street Services are making a POTHOLE TRUCK available to every Neighborhood Council to make SMALL ASPHALT REPAIRS for 1 day!  This includes: potholes, pop-outs, skin patching or eroded or cracked areas, and some sidewalk and curb repairs.  Only 15 locations will be inspected and repairs scheduled and the Bureau’s representative determines which locations can be completed with the resources and time allocated.  SO WE NEED YOU TO EMAIL US YOUR LIST OF STREET REPAIRS. Please email to and list “BAD STREETS” on the Subject Line.  Include an exact address or as close to an exact address  as possible; list if it is a POTHOLE, BUMP, SIDEWALK, CURB or OTHER; and describe as best you can.  CLICK HERE for more information
  • VISION ZERO is a traffic safety policy that ensures that mistakes on our roadways do nor result in death or severe injury.  The City of Los Angeles is partnering with communities to make safety improvements at the neighborhood level.  Go or CLICK HERE for a great infographic about the program!
  • The Neighborhood Committee Insta account @veniceneighborhoods will be bringing you great pics of all our wonderful Venice trees this month! So if you have a pic of a great Venice tree please email it to so we can post it… and please let us know where it is and share some info about it.  We will tag you on it too!  And if you are interested in learning about some drought tips for your trees please CLICK HERE!
  • The Neighborhood Committee has started an Instagram account.  Please follow us@veniceneighborhoods.  We will be using Insta to get valuable information out to Stakeholders and to highlight unique aspects of our neighborhoods that make us smile!
  • Click Here to view the 2016-18 Neighborhood Committee Applications
  • Neighborhood Committee 2014-2016 Accomplishments A listing of the accomplishments of the VNC’s Neighborhood Committee was approved at its May Meeting (held Thursday, May 26, 2016). The listing can be found HERE.
  • Neighborhood Committee CD-11 Followup Report as of 10/24/2015 ClickHERE to view
  • Crosswalk Status from CD11 as of 10/20/2015: Click HERE to view
  • Report on Short Term Vacation Rentals: Click HERE to see the report
  • Report on Placement of Public Trash Receptacles: Click HERE to see the report.

Meeting Time & Location

7:30am. Extra Space Storage. 658 Venice Blvd. 4th Wednesday of each month

Click HERE to download a committee application for 2019-21

Click HERE to view a map of the Venice Neighborhood Committee Areas west of Lincoln.

Meetings (Agendas, Minutes, Documents)

Meeting Agenda
Feb 26, 2020
Meeting Minutes
Feb 26, 2020
Meeting Agenda
Jan 22, 2020
Meeting Minutes
Jan 22, 2020
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If you would like to be notified of our meetings and receive agendas via email, click here and sign up by checking the Venice NC box.

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The Venice Neighborhood Council is made up of individuals from our community who
are interested in improving and maintaining the quality of life of the stakeholders of Venice.

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