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Land Use and Planning Committee


The Land Use and Planning Committee reviews, takes public input, reports on and make recommendations of action to the Board of Officers on land use and planning issues affecting our Community.

We meet 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month at 6:45p at Oakwood Recreation Center, 767 California Avenue, Venice, CA 90291 (on the northeast corner Oakwood and 7th Avenue in the Community Room).

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Email the Committee: lupc@venicenc.org

Agendas and Minutes

Date Agenda Minutes Attachments
April 16, 2014 LUPCAgenda20140416    
March 5, 2014 LUPCAgenda20140305    
February 19, 2014 LUPCAgenda20130219r1    
February 5, 2014


PDF version: LUPCAgenda20140205PDF

To be posted  
January 15, 2014 LUPCAgenda20130115


758 Sunset

1033 AK

3223 Washington

1414 Main Staff Report

December 18, 2013 LUPCAgenda121813 PDFdraftLUPCminutes121813  
December 4, 2013  LUPCAgenda120413r1 PDFdraftLUPCminutes120413  
November 20, 2013 LUPCAgenda112013r2 PDFdraftLUPCMinutes112013  
November 6, 2013 LUPCAgenda110613r2 PDFdraftLUPCMinutes110613  
October 16, 2013 LUPCAgenda101613 PDFdraftLUPCMinutes101613  
October 2, 2013 LUPCAgenda100213r1 LUPCMinutes100213  
September 18, 2013 LUPCAgenda091813 LUPCMinutes091813  
August 28, 2013 LUPCAgenda082813 LUPCMinutes082813  
August 21, 2013 LUPCAgenda082113 LUPCMinutes082113  
August 7, 2013 LUPCAgenda080713r1 LUPCMinutes080713  
July 17, 2013 LUPCAgenda071713r2 LUPCMinutes071713  
July 3, 2013 LUPCAgenda070313r1 LUPCMinutes070313  
June 5, 2013 LUPCAgenda060513 LUPCMinutes060513  
May 1, 2013 LUPCAgenda.050113 LUPCMinutes.050113  
April 17, 2013 LUPCAgenda.041713 No Minutes  
April 3, 2013 LUPCAgenda.040313 LUPC.MINUTES.040313  
March 20, 2013 LUPCAgenda.032013 March 20, 2013 Minutes  
March 6, 2013 LUPCAgenda.030613 LUPC.Minutes.032013  
February 20, 2013 LUPC Agenda.022013 LUPC Minutes.020613  
February 6, 2013 Agenda 2/6/13 No Minutes  
January 16, 2013 LUPC_Agenda_20130116_D2 LUPC_MInutes_20130116_F  

Agenda Requests


Please email all project documents, preferably in PDF format to lupc@venicenc.org. A LUPC Staff Member will contact you to discuss your project and set a Community Outreach Meeting and your LUPC Hearing Date. Please download and review the Neighborhood Notification Policy. At the LUPC Hearing Date, please bring 10 paper copies of your plans and renderings for The Committee and Community.



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Special Community Cases and Projects:


January 25, 2012 742 Brooks 2012-2949HearingNotice1


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