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Land Use and Planning Committee


The Land Use and Planning Committee (LUPC) reviews, takes public input, reports on and makes recommendations to the VNC Board on land use and planning issues affecting the Venice Community.

The new City Charter, effective July 2000, provided for the creation of a Citywide System of Neighborhood Councils and Area Planning Commissions, the goal of which is to promote public participation in City governance and decision-making process in order to create a government more responsive to local needs.


Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 3.24.00 AM


The LUPC typically meets on the 1st and 4th Tuesdays of each month at 6:45pm, at locations to be announced (see Agenda for meeting location).

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LUPC Members

Email the Committee: lupc@venicenc.org

(email group includes past LUPC Chair, Challis Macpherson)



All Venice planning cases are divided into 8 categories:

1. North Venice
2. Oakwood
3. Milwood
4. Southeast Venice
5. Oxford Triangle (including Oxford Triangle Specific Plan)
6. Venice Canals
7. Marina Peninsula, Ballona Lagoon East (Grand Canal) & West, Silver Strand
8. East of Lincoln (Venice Community Plan), Board of Public Works, Coastal Transportation Corridor Specific Plan, Glencoe/Maxella Specific Plan

These 8 categories roughly follow the Venice Coastal Zone Subarea map from the Venice Land Use Plan



Each of the 8 LUPC members besides the Chair will rotate through these areas over their 2-year term on LUPC, such that they spend approximately equal Interim Terms in each category/Subarea.


Also, two LUPC members will be responsible for each category/Subarea at any one time, as a Subarea Team. They can divide the work however they decide to do so, working on all cases together or splitting up the cases and working on them individually, or some combination thereof. The Chair will assign the LUPC members to the Subarea Teams independently, without any outside or committee member influence, with each member serving equally in all categories/Subareas during their term on LUPC. Requests for specific cases will not be honored. Also, members' Interim Terms in each category/Subarea Team will be staggered such that when one member rotates off of a Subarea Team the other member remains for an additional Interim Term, thus serving on that category/Subarea Team for two consecutive Interim Terms, with two different team members.


The Chair will distribute all new cases within 48 hours of receipt to the committee members assigned for the Subarea where the case is located. The team will get back to the Chair within 72 hours with their custom Project Description for each case and with their recommendation on whether each case should be heard by LUPC as a VNC Fast Track Project case (expedited processing) or as a regular VNC Case.


See LUPC web page for VNC Fast Track Project criteria and process description:  


If the team doesn't agree on the classification for a given case, that case will not be classified as "Fast Track." The Chair can override a Subarea Team's "Fast Track" recommendation (as can the other LUPC members, the Public and the Board members).


Once the Fast Track processing classification is determined for a case, within 72 hours each Subarea Team will inform the Neighborhood Committee and the Community Organizations email list of the new case(s) in the Subarea, and will invite the Neighborhood Committee to all Community Outreach Meetings in their Subarea. (Please cc the LUPC Chair and Vice-Chair.) In addition, they will recruit volunteers, including through the Neighborhood Committee, to help do analysis and research on cases from within the neighborhoods of the Subarea.


When each Interim Term is over, it will be up to the discretion of the Chair to make what will be a rare exception for the member who is moving to a new category/Subarea to keep working on any given unfinished case on which they are LUPC Staff, with the norm being to leave the case with the applicable Subarea team. Also, to the extent possible, the team can try to make sure that substantially all work on the case is completed prior to the end of the Interim Term.


When the City issues determinations, including VSO's and/or Coastal Exemptions, within 24 hours of receipt the Chair will forward them to the applicable team, with a cc to all LUPC members, both for informational purposes and to offer the opportunity for appeal if deemed necessary. The Subarea Team will forward them to the Neighborhood Committee and the Community Organizations email list. (Please cc the LUPC Chair and Vice-Chair.)


1. Every case will have an automatic back up (other team member), including for attendance at City hearings or Community (Board, LUPC and/or Neighborhood Outreach) meetings.

2. Team members will learn from each other, due to varying areas of expertise and length of experience between members, and due to staggering terms of Subarea Team members.

3. There will be a timely and fair categorization of "fast track" cases.

4. There will be increased familiarity with Subareas–their development standards and their individual neighborhoods' characteristics.

5. Conflicts of interest, if any, including perceived conflicts of interest, will be better controlled/managed or kept from occurring, as the case may be.

6. The team members will keep each other accountable and on track.

7. Community Outreach is significantly and naturally increased due to the involvement of the Neighborhood Council and others in the various neighborhoods, as there is much more of a neighborhood focus, and this will also result in more well attended and meaningful Neighborhood Outreach Meetings.

8. Decentralization of case management and categorization of VNC Fast Track Projects from Chair responsibility.

Staying on track and managing the volume of both VNC Fast Track Cases and all other cases will be the biggest challenge. This will require close management by the LUPC Chair in order to assure accountability for all cases, including timely distribution and classification of all cases, and timely hearing of all cases. Transparency via posting on LUPC's web page, with real time update of assignment and status for all cases, will allow for real time scrutiny by the Public and will strongly motivate the LUPC Chair to sustain the accountability for all cases as well as the integrity of the VNC land use and planning process at all times.

ASSIGNMENTS for the Interm Term of October 27, 2014 – January 31, 2015:
1. North Venice–Kathleen Rawson & Gabriel Ruspini
2. Oakwood–Gabriel Ruspini & Mark Kleiman
3. Milwood–Maury Ruano & Todd Darling
4. Southeast Venice–Robert Aronson & Mehrnoosh Mojallali
5. Oxford Triangle (including Oxford Triangle Specific Plan)–Ramsey Daham & Mark Kleiman
6. Venice Canals–Mehrnoosh Mojallali & Maury Ruano
7. Marina Peninsula, Ballona Lagoon (Grand Canal), east & west, Silver Strand–Robert Aronson & Ramsey Daham
8. East of Lincoln (Venice Community Plan), Dept. of Public Works, Coastal Transportation Corridor Specific Plan, Glencoe/Maxella Specific Plan–Todd Darling & Kathleen Rawson

LUPC Master Case List updated through December 31, 2014, sorted by Subarea:



LUPC Master Case List updated through December 31, 2014, sorted by Application Date:





Staff Recommendations will be presented at the meeting, orally or in writing. Some case documents are available below for the LUPC and the Public's perusal, under the heading "VENICE ENTITLEMENT CASES REVIEWED BY LUPC."

All other documents will be provided to the LUPC members and will be available for the Public's review AT the meeting, and will not be provided, reviewed or discussed by the LUPC prior to that time.

2014 – 2016 term


Date Agenda Minutes Attachments
February 24, 2015 No meeting on February 24, 2015. Next meeting on March 3, 2015    
February 3, 2015 LUPCAgendaFebruary3, 2015 draft_LUPC_Minutes_February_3,_2015  
January 27, 2015 LUPC_Agenda_January_27,_2015    
SPECIAL MEETING January 16, 2015 LUPCAgendaJanuary16,2015 LUPCMinutesJanuary16,2015  
December 17, 2014 LUPCAgendaDecember17,2014    
December 4, 2014 LUPCAgendaDecember4,2014 LUPCminutesDecember4,2014  
November 25, 2014 LUPCAgendaNovember25,2014 LUPCminutesNovember25,2014  


November 6, 2014





October 10, 2014

LUPCAgendaOctober10,2014 LUPC_Minutes_October10,2014  
October 7, 2014 LUPCAgendaOctober7,2014 LUPC_Minutes_October7,2014  
September 30, 2014 LUPCAgendaSeptember30,2014 LUPC_Minutes_September30,2014  
September 2, 2014 LUPCAgendaSeptember2,2014 LUPCminutesSeptember2,2014  
August 26, 2014  LUPCAgendaAugust26,2014 LUPCMinutesAugust26,2014  
August 5, 2014







July 29, 2014



2012 – 2014 term

Date Agenda Minutes Attachments
June 11, 2014



Minutes not yet available. See recording of meetings below.  
May 27, 2014




May 7, 2014 LUPCAgenda20140507 Minutes not yet available. See recording of meetings below.  
April 16, 2014 LUPCAgenda20140416 RoughLUPCminutes4-16-14  
March 5, 2014 LUPCAgenda20140305 DraftLUPCMinutes20140305  
February 19, 2014 LUPCAgenda20130219r1 DraftLUPCminutesFeb19,2014  
February 5, 2014


PDF version: LUPCAgenda20140205PDF



January 15, 2014 LUPCAgenda20130115


758 Sunset

1033 AK

3223 Washington

1414 Main Staff Report

December 18, 2013 LUPCAgenda121813 PDFdraftLUPCminutes121813  
December 4, 2013  LUPCAgenda120413r1 PDFdraftLUPCminutes120413  
November 20, 2013 LUPCAgenda112013r2 PDFdraftLUPCMinutes112013  
November 6, 2013 LUPCAgenda110613r2 draftLUPCMinutesNov6,2013  
October 16, 2013 LUPCAgenda101613 PDFdraftLUPCMinutes101613  
October 2, 2013 LUPCAgenda100213r1 PDFdraftLUPCMinutes100213  
September 18, 2013 LUPCAgenda091813  


August 28, 2013 LUPCAgenda082813


August 21, 2013 LUPCAgenda082113


August 7, 2013 LUPCAgenda080713r1


July 17, 2013 LUPCAgenda071713r2 LUPCMinutes071713  
July 3, 2013 LUPCAgenda070313r1 LUPCMinutes070313  
June 5, 2013 LUPCAgenda060513 LUPCMinutes060513  
May 1, 2013 LUPCAgenda.050113 LUPCMinutes.050113  
April 17, 2013 LUPCAgenda.041713 No Minutes  
April 3, 2013 LUPCAgenda.040313 LUPC.MINUTES.040313  
March 20, 2013 LUPCAgenda.032013 March 20, 2013 Minutes  
March 6, 2013 LUPCAgenda.030613 LUPC.Minutes.032013  
February 20, 2013 LUPC Agenda.022013 LUPC Minutes.020613  
February 6, 2013 Agenda 2/6/13 No Minutes  
January 16, 2013 LUPC_Agenda_20130116_D2 LUPC_MInutes_20130116_F  



Purpose: expedited processing.

1. IF a Venice Project is for a residential use and is NOT on a Walk Street or in the Dual Permit Jurisdiction Coastal Zone


2. IF the Project is:

a. an improvement to an existing single or multiple-family dwelling


b. demo of and/or new construction of a single-family dwelling, duplex or 2-home structure (condo or small lot subdivision)


3. IF the Project is in full compliance, without any exceptions, adjustments or variances, with all applicable provisions of City and State (Coastal Commission-certified LUP and Coastal Act) regulations (if there are any conflicts, the more rigorous regulation will apply)


4. IF evidence is provided re. compliance with (or exemption from):

a. Subarea development standards and policies re. compatibility in character, scale and mass (CSM) with the existing neighborhood, including no significant adverse impact to adjoining lots or the immediate neighborhood


b. Rent Stabilization Board (RSO) and State Mello Act affordable housing requirements, including ownership information for all three consecutive years prior to the application date (where the owner is a company or trust, owner(s) thereof must be provided),


THEN the assigned LUPC Subarea Team will review the case for purposes of recommendation as a “VNC Fast Track Project.”


The criteria is subject to reasonable changes, with significant advance notification, at the discretion of the LUPC Chair.


At least two weeks but no more than four weeks after LUPC receives the Project, the LUPC Subarea Team will decide whether the Project should be recommended for the VNC Fast Track Project categorization, and if so the Project will be put under the Agenda Item “Review of Cases for ‘VNC Fast Track Project’ Categorization” for the next meeting, unless the Applicant requests a delay. The Applicant will attend the meeting to provide an overview of the case and case documents and answer any questions. If during the LUPC public hearing any LUPC member believes that the project does not comply with the Fast Track project criteria, the project will revert to normal LUPC case processing, including assignment of LUPC Staff, Neighborhood Outreach Meeting, LUPC project presentation and Public Hearing, placement of case documents used by the LUPC Staff on the LUPC web page, LUPC Staff Report, and Board hearing.


If it is determined by the full LUPC that the Project does meet the Fast Track criteria, the LUPC will forward its recommendation to the VNC Board (via the Board’s Administrative Committee) for inclusion on the next VNC Board Meeting Land Use and Planning Committee Consent Calendar. Cases on the LUPC Consent Calendar may be removed by any Board Member or Stakeholder. Removed cases will go to the end of the agenda item for Land Use and Planning Committee (Old Business) and will be heard as a normal LUPC case, with discussion and public comment.


If approved by the VNC Board as a VNC Fast Track Project, a letter including all cases approved as such will be sent to the Director of Planning and the Coastal Commission, with copies to the senior Planning Staff, the Council Office representatives, the VNC Board members, the LUPC members, and the Applicant’s Representative. The letter will state that:


“Upon the review and recommendation of the VNC Land Use and Planning Committee (LUPC), the above projects have been determined to be VNC Fast Track Projects. As such, these projects were reviewed in two Brown-acted, local public hearings, and based on the information provided each case appears to be in full compliance, without any exceptions, adjustments or variances, with all applicable provisions of City and State (Coastal Commission-certified LUP and Coastal Act) regulations. If there are any conflicts, the more rigorous regulation will apply. In addition, evidence was provided re. compliance with (or exemption from) the applicable Subarea development standards and policies re. compatibility in character, scale and mass (CSM) with the existing neighborhood, including no significant adverse impact to adjoining lots or the immediate neighborhood, and re. Rent Stabilization Board (RSO) and State Mello Act affordable housing requirements, including ownership information for all three consecutive years prior to the application date (where the owner is a company or trust, owner(s) thereof were provided). The VNC Board reserves the right to take a different position at a later date in the event that meaningful project details of a particular case, as initially presented to the LUPC, are changed without the consent of the affected parties.”




Under consideration, to avoid the necessity for follow up review to check for any changes made subsequent to VNC review and to compensate for the many existing problems with City Planning communications and controls over the process:

Once the VNC Fast Track Project recommendation is approved by the VNC, Applicant and Owner for the case will sign a notarized Affidavit that states that if one or more of the meaningful details of the Project as presented to the LUPC are changed subsequent to the LUPC’s review, that Applicant and Owner will obtain the consent of the affected parties (adjoining Property Owners and Residents) and will provide the details of such change(s) and related consent documents to the VNC LUPC Chair and the 11th District City Council Planning Deputy prior to the approval of the Building Permit, whether prior to or during construction; and further, that if the Applicant and Owner do not do so, they further agree that if requested by the LUPC Chair, City Council Planning Deputy or affected parties (adjoining Property Owners and Residents), they will instruct the City to put the Project on hold and any development occurring at that time must cease until such time as they obtain the consent of the adjoining property owners and residents for such changes, the approval of the LUPC for such changes, and the approval of the appropriate entitlements from the City and State, if any are required.




Below are links to download audio recordings of the LUPC meetings starting with November 6, 2013. We've set them up so the links never expire, so please let us know if you have problems downloading them.

You may need to copy each link and paste it into your internet browser.

Most of the links allow you to download the entire meeting, but for the most recent meeting, April 16th, 2014, we've broken it down into sections so you can focus on the agenda item that's most important to you


NOVEMBER 6th, 2013 LUPC Meeting



JANUARY 15th, 2014 LUPC Meeting



FEBRUARY 5th, 2014 LUPC Meeting



MARCH 5th, 2014 LUPC Meeting



APRIL 16TH, 2014 LUPC Meeting

Chair Updates/ LUPC Current Case Updates


Public Comment on Non-Agendized items


750 California Case–Presentation, Public Comment & Motion 


320 Sunset Case–Presentation, Public Comment & Motion 

1212 Electric Case–Presentation, Public Comment & Motion



MAY 7th, 2014 LUPC Meeting

Call to Order through General Public Comment


34 – 24th Avenue Case–Presentation, Public Comment & Motion


1511 Abbot Kinney Case–Presentation, Public Comment & Motion


320 Hanpton/Google Case–Presentation, Public Comment & Motion



June 11, 2014 LUPC Meeting:

Call to Order


Review for VNC de Minimis Waiver 2412 Ocean Ave and 451 Sherman Canal


Review for VNC de Minimis Waiver – 321 6th Ave


1740 Penmar Small Lot Subdivision


Review of Appeal of 2 Rose at WLAAPC


Coastal Commission de Minimis Waiver Issue



July 29, 2014 LUPC Meeting:

Up to Active Cases:


2536 S. Lincoln through discussion of Motion:


Partial discussion of 665 Vernon and 672 Brooks through adjournment:



August 5, 2014 LUPC Meeting:

Call to Order through Chair Updates–Motion for VNC to Recommend that City Planning inform AT&T and other Applicants that they must work with the VNC in order that the City receives the VNC recommendation prior to their City Hearing


Council Office Update–Motion for VNC to Recommend that the City Council support AB2222


320 Sunset Case–Presentation, Public Comment & Motion


600 Mildred Case–Presentation, Public Comment & Motion


2404 Boone Case–Presentation, Public Comment & Motion



August 26, 2014 LUPC Meeting:

Call to Order through Direct communication of basis for LUPC findings


Asking for community assistants through Appointment of Ad Hoc Subcommittee


Recommendation on City Council Motions on Sharing Economy through Review of Cases for VNC de minimis


665 Vernon and 672 Brooks


665 Vernon and 672 Brooks, continued


225 Lincoln (aka "Whole Foods")


225 Lincoln (aka "Whole Foods"), continued


701 Lincoln, AT&T status update, and Conflict of Interest Training, by Ivan Spiegel



September 2, 2014 LUPC Meeting:

Call to order through Current Case Updates


Recommendation on City Council Motions on Sharing Economy and Illegal-Unapproved Units


Mehrnoosh Mojallali – Presentation of Concepts-Special Projects through VNC De Minimis Project categorization


1620 Electric Ave


1620 Electric, continued


1023 Abbot Kinney Blvd


2707 Ocean Front Walk


2707 Ocean Front Walk, continued


425 Washington Blvd



September 30, 2014 LUPC Meeting:

Training through item 12, Proposed Motion


1225, 1237, 1239 Abbot Kinney Blvd "Feed" Part 1


1225, 1237, 1239 Abbot Kinney Blvd "Feed" Part 2


454-456-458 Venice Blvd


416-418-422 Grand Ave Part 1


416-418-422 Grand Ave Part 2



October 7, 2014 LUPC Meeting:

Call to Order through review of VNC De Minimis Projects


454-456-458 Venice Blvd


418 – 422 Grand Ave


665 Vernon Ave and 21 Voyage St


1697 Pacific Ave Hotel Erwin–Part 1


1697 Pacific Ave Hotel Erwin–Part 2



October 10, 2014 LUPC Meeting:

Call to Order through Public Comment


Through 920 Superba


Through 1235 Vienna Way


Through 1515 Pacific Ave.


521 Rose to end



November 6, 2014 LUPC Meeting:

Call to Order through Chair Updates


Public Comment


De Minimis Projects


251 Lincoln Part 1


251 Lincoln Part 2


204 Hampton



November 25, 2014 LUPC Meeting:



December 4, 2014 LUPC Meeting:

Call to Order through VNC De Minimis Projects–1774 Washington Way (duplex to SFD)


635 San Juan (3 units)


627 & 625 Oxford Ave (SFD)


29-47 Windward Ave (surface parking lot)


Motion–Request for Cumulative Impact Study


55 27th Ave (SFD)


811-815 Ocean Front Walk (residential to mixed use)



January 16, 2015 LUPC Meeting, main topic: Short-Term Rentals:



January 27, 2015 LUPC Meeting:



February 3, 2015 LUPC Meeting:

Call to Order through Upcoming Coastal Commission Appeal Hearings


Proposed Motions re. Land Use & Planning Process


75 Windward Ave


Update from VNC Character, Scale & Mass Committee


Current Case Updates


Preliminary Review of Characteristics for Upcoming SLS Projects–Jake Kaufman





Short-Term Rentals:

Click here for LUPC Webpage for:

March 19, 2014 email from City Planning's Deputy Planning Director, Alan Bell, re: how the Zoning laws in effect regulate short-term rentals

City Council Motion on Sharing Economy

Venice Neighborhood Council Community Impact Statement


City Council Motion on Illegal/Unapproved Units:



REVISED Planning Director's Interpretation (DIR) for Venice Coastal Zone Specific Plan/Small Lot Subdivision  Interpretation:



Department of City Planning Small Lot Design Guidelines, January 2014:

Dept of City Planning Small Lot Design Guidelines, January 2014



55 27th Ave.

1023 Abbot Kinney Blvd. ("Joe's Restaurant")

1136 Abbot Kinney Blvd.

1214 Abbot Kinney Blvd.

1235, 1237, 1239 Abbot Kinney Blvd. ("Feed")

2404 Boone Ave.

672 Brooks Ave.

710 California Ave.

750 California Ave.

5 Dudley Ave. ("Piccolo Ristorante Italiano")

9 Dudley Ave. (aka "Henry's Market")

1212-1222 Electric Ave.

1620 Electric Blvd.

416 Grand Blvd.

418-422 Grand Blvd.

204 Hampton Drive

27-29 Lighthouse St.

225 S. Lincoln Blvd. ("Whole Foods Market")

251 Lincoln Blvd. (Chevron convenience store)

701 Lincoln Blvd. ("Locali")

2536 Lincoln Blvd. ("Red Garter")

600 Mildred Ave. (fka "Kim's Market")

2707 Ocean Front Walk

2815 Ocean Front Walk

625 Oxford Ave.

627 Oxford Ave.

1515 S. Pacific Ave.

1697 Pacific Ave.

1740 Penmar Ave.

521 Rose Ave.

635 San Juan Ave.

450 Sherman Canal

320 Sunset Ave.

920 Superba Ave.

454-456 Venice Blvd.

458 Venice Blvd.

665 Vernon Ave.

1235 Vienna Way

21 Voyage St.

417 Washington Blvd.

425 Washington Blvd.

3018 Washington Blvd.

29-47 Windward Ave.



Click Here to view pre-2013 Archives.





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24 hours til we create history! The first Venice Green Expo and a large milestone in our community's efforts to spread knowledge and good behavior on the best ways to help our planet. We look forward to seeing you there and don't forget to message the Facebook page with any questions you might have for the experts. Go Green! ... See MoreSee Less

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Check out the Great Green Speakers we have scheduled for the event! Don't forget to check them out at the Eco Genius Bar for discussion and further questions.

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David King - Venice Learning Garden
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Dear Green Venice Expo Attendees
Welcome to the next step in Venice's future towards becoming sustainable. It all starts with you, the community. This event aims to be zero waste, so please carry in/carry out at the event with no trash being left behind and a 100% recycling of all materials when it is done. Electronic waste will be collected in the parking lot. This is for people to bring their items in to be recycled including; printers, computers, microwaves, toner cartridges, and other items. There will be plenty of water supplied, but we ask that you bring your own water bottle/container to drink out of for the event. Raffles, giveaways, scavenger hunts for the kids, and various eco friendly activities will be available during the event along with the opportunity to ask the experts about environmental solutions at the Eco Genius Bar. We look forward to seeing you there!
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